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Anti-Bark Dog Muzzle Adjustable Mouth Cover

(10 customer reviews)

Anti-Bark Dog Muzzle Adjustable Mouth Cover

(10 customer reviews)

£38.00 £24.99

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Take control of your dog’s behaviour

The PrimDog muzzle prevents dogs from barking and biting. It‘ll give you peace of mind when taking your pet for walks or grooming sessions.


Made with lightweight material, our muzzle won’t cause strain on the pet’s neck. Thanks to its mesh design, your dog can freely breathe, drink water, and pant.


This mouth cover provides a secure fit without creating discomfort for your furry friend.

Easy to use

With the quick-release buckle, putting our muzzle on and removing it is a breeze.

Size guide
  • 1. Wrap the measuring tape around the snout one inch (2.5 cm) below the eye base.
  • 2. Measure the distance from one inch (2.5 cm) below the eye base to the tip of the nose, along the bridge of the snout.
SizeSnout CircumferenceSnout Length

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10 reviews for Anti-Bark Dog Muzzle Adjustable Mouth Cover

  1. T***a

    This is a soft muzzle that gives my dog freedom to be him. He can lick, drink, and not feel like I took his freedom away. Great buy

  2. M***y

    This muzzle seems to be the most comfortable for my dog and the easiest for him to tolerate. Curbed my dog’s excessive barking very quickly. I would definitely recommend this muzzle to any dog lover

  3. D*****r

    This anti-bark muzzle has made our morning walks more peaceful and enjoyable. My dog doesn’t seem bothered by it, and I appreciate the adjustable sizing to ensure comfort.

  4. N****a

    A definite recommendation for dog owners out there! Perfectly reduces my dog’s excessive barking without causing her distress. The adjustable straps make it easy to fit securely and comfortably!

  5. O***s

    I’d highly recommend this muzzle cover. It has made a significant difference to our household noise level and our dog seems to be quite comfortable wearing it for short periods. Excellent product!

  6. S****r

    This muzzle is easy to put on and it stays on. Our dog can easily pant and drink water while wearing it. He is a rock eater so it has so far worked perfectly to prevent that!

  7. A***l

    I really like the construction of the muzzle and it will definitely suit my needs. It’s comfortable and fits well too, couldn’t be happier.

  8. J***y

    My dog keeps eating small things while on walks. This works greatly to prevent those stuff from getting in his mouth. It does not restrict his breathing and it’s adjustable.

  9. R****e

    Muzzle is lightweight and fits great. Dogs are able to drink water with it on but are unable to eat things they shouldn’t eat. Works perfectly

  10. G***a

    This dog muzzle is great! The adjustable feature provided the perfect fit. He can still pant and breathe easily, and we’ve noticed a significant decrease in his barking. Thanks!

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Anti-Bark Dog Muzzle Adjustable Mouth Cover