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Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy Boredom Treat Dispenser

(13 customer reviews)

Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy Boredom Treat Dispenser

(13 customer reviews)

£30.00 £14.98

Keep your pets active, intelligent, and well-fed

Pair fun and food together for your pets with the Primdog Treat Dispenser. As a pet-owner, you need to find healthy and productive ways to keep your little one occupied and that’s exactly what our toy does. It saves you time while banishing your dog’s boredom through its unique and catchy design.

Ergonomic Design
The Primdog Feeder Toy features a smart robot tumbler shape. The self-weighted balance of our toy enables it to swing back and forth without external force, keeping your dog entertained.
Easy Feeding
The Primdog Puzzle Feeder promotes healthy and slow mealtimes to protect your pet's gastrointestinal health.
Enhances Pet IQ
The Primdog Treat Dispenser comes with interactive jigsaw puzzles that boost your pet’s mind. It reduces disruptive behavior in your pets caused due to excess energy and boredom.
Durable material

The ABS & PC build of our product makes it sturdy and unbreakable.

Transparent lid

It can be flipped open to fill food easily and showcase when exactly the feeder is empty.

Safe for pets

Non-toxic material that can take your dog's bites.

More reasons to love our dog feeder
Easy To Clean
BPA Free
Easy To Assemble
Dog Training

Additional information

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13 reviews for Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy Boredom Treat Dispenser

  1. Ivory

    My dog loves this treat toy. It took him a minute to figure it out, but once he did it was over!!!

  2. Courtney

    Nice toy! Keeps my good boy busy & out of trouble. I put more kibble than treats in it. I highly recommend it!

  3. Sophia

    It looks like a fun toy and a feeder that keeps my doggy busy. This feeder seems sturdy, withands a few tosses before he figures out how to dispense the pellets.

  4. Bryant

    My dog benefits from constant stimulation and since she’s staying longer periods alone in the house these days, I decided to buy this toy for her. I love that she walks around the house with it and plays, so she actually does some exercise.

  5. Truman

    This dog toy is very well built. My dog loves it and gets excited whenever she sees me bring it out!

  6. Haley

    The treats have to be small enough to fit through the exit hole in the toy, so I usually just use their kibble. Anyway, we love this toy/food dispenser!

  7. Darell

    Perfect for keeping my dogs busy and helping them both to eat slower and not so fast. Would recommend

  8. Marsh

    My puppy loves this toy and it keeps her busy. I have to cut the treats in half so they can fit through the hole but other than that, it’s fine.

  9. Garfield

    My dog loves that this toy moves on the floor easy. The movement of the toy gives the dog incentive to keep marking towards getting the treat inside. It’s easy to clean too!

  10. Aubrey

    It’s such fun watching my dog figure this thing out, but he likes to solve puzzles. He is able use this to get his treats. Keeps him occupied for quite awhile

  11. Opal

    My dog loves it. She pushes it around trying to knock treats out. Fits her small dog food.

  12. Priscilla

    Seems to be very intertaining for my dog, he likes playing with this toy. I love that it’s different from other toys and he can get food rewards from it

  13. Diana

    It’s good quality, but it took my dog a while to figure it out and get the food. Anyways, it’s a good investment.

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Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy Boredom Treat Dispenser