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Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Puzzle Toy

(11 customer reviews)

Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Puzzle Toy

(11 customer reviews)

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Turn feeding time into fun

The PrimDog puzzle toy helps stimulate your dog's mind. It's designed to prevent fast eating, promoting healthy digestion in the process. Feeding your pet will become a more engaging experience.

Mood Boost
By entertaining a dog, our feeder helps reduce destructive behaviours caused by boredom or anxiety.
Improved Digestion
Its unique design slows down the pace at which your dog eats. This aids in food absorption and prevents stomach problems.
Mental Stimulation
The PrimDog puzzle toy challenges your dog, contributing to their cognitive development.
Interactive sound

It brings a lot of fun and keeps your pet engaged for extended periods.

Safe materials

This dog feeder is free from harmful toxins.

Non-slip bottom

Our toy doesn't slide on smooth surfaces, allowing your pet to focus on their game.

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11 reviews for Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Puzzle Toy

  1. N****s

    This is fantastic! It slows down my dog’s eating while keeping him active and entertained. Truly a smart and innovative solution.

  2. P***a

    Absolutely love the concept and execution of this toy. It’s a practical and fun way to feed our pets. Would definitely recommend it to other pet parents.

  3. K****l

    I must say, this slow feeder toy is a must-have for pets who eat too quickly. Now, my dog enjoys every bit of her meal while also having fun. I enthusiastically recommend it!

  4. T****a

    Great puzzle toy! It has turned meal times into interactive puzzles for my dear Rex, and I can tell that he loves it!

  5. H***e

    Our dog loves his new puzzle! He spends his time playing and eating instead of inhaling his food. It’s undoubtedly an excellent product worth every penny.

  6. L***a

    The perfect solution for fast-eating dogs! My labrador simply adores it. It’s high in quality and absolutely effective!

  7. K*****a

    My pup couldn’t be happier with this interesting and unique feeding toy. It’s a healthy approach to feeding that also stimulates mental activity. Kudos to the creators of this product.

  8. P***e

    My doggie is enjoying his meals more than ever thanks to this puzzle toy. It’s durable, easy to use, and provides an interactive fun feeding experience. Thumbs up to this product!

  9. J***n

    Our puppy has become more active and fun-loving because of this interactive toy. It not only enhances eating habits but also contributes to their playtime. This is an amazing investment!

  10. A****n

    I’ve been looking for an effective way to slow down my dog’s eating and this product does the job perfectly. It washes easily and it’s dishwasher safe. Recommended.

  11. T***a

    I am impressed with the quality of this item. It’s sturdy, holds up well to my dog’s rough handling, and is easy to clean. It’s great for my dog’s mental stimulation and it makes feeding time a fun time!

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Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Puzzle Toy