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Ceramic Dog Bowl

(3 customer reviews)

Ceramic Dog Bowl

(3 customer reviews)

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The ceramic bowl will reduce the number of spillages, even from messy feeders!

This classic bowl is designed with a unique stand that shortens the distance between your dog’s food and water. It helps reduce strain on your dog’s neck and joints while eating. The weight of the ceramic bowl will ultimately reduce the number of spillages for dogs who tend to make a mess.

The bowl and the stand are made of eco-friendly, food-safe, durable ceramic and bamboo material that is very easy to clean. Available in various pleasant matte color options: white, green, gray, yellow, and pink. These bowls are so bright and clear in color that you can quickly spot them even if your dog hides it.

Besides, you can choose the size and the quantity of the bowls in the set. There are small and medium bowls that fit almost any size of your beloved pet, depending on their breed. 




✔️ PROMOTES NECK & POSTURE HEALTH — Thanks to the stand, your pup’s posture improves and the strain on his neck and joints is reduced. Such design helps promote healthier digestion by creating healthy eating and a natural position for your dog.

✔️ SAFE MATERIAL — The bowl and the stand are made of premium-quality material that is non-toxic and durable. It will not fade and deform over the years. Moreover, the prime bamboo material absorbs water well.

✔️ COMFORTABLE USE — The wide edges of the round-shaped bowl make it ideal for dry food or even liquid high-temperature food or water because the ceramics withstands high temperatures. It is light and easily detachable from the stand, so it’s easy to refill. Plus, if you choose a double bowl set, you can put pet food in one bowl and water in the other. Or you can even feed 2 pets together at once!

✔️ EASY CLEANING — With a smooth surface, the bowl is dishwasher safe or can be easily cleaned with soap and water to remove food remnants. The bamboo stand can be wiped with a damp cloth as needed.

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3 reviews for Ceramic Dog Bowl

  1. Zach

    I got it the gray version. It is so beautiful. The wood and simplicity is the sophistication that you find for this choice of purchase. Definitely buying more!

  2. Harper

    Great bowl, and is of perfect size for the kitchen. Beautiful, wood based. Very well built.

  3. Unity

    Super cute and stylish! The wooden stand actually comes in handy and does its job of holding the bowl sturdy. Love it!!

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Ceramic Dog Bowl